Is Trance Coming Back?

Is Trance Coming Back?

I for one certainly hope so. Why do I ask though? It’s been almost 20 years since Trance music was at its peak and has never achieved the same heights since.

Recently on the station I have been playing a few remixes of classic trance tracks such as Robert Miles – Children, Binary Finary – 1998 and System F – Out of The Blue! All of these recent remixes which have all been released around the same time have held true to the genre of old. Maybe not quite the same fast tempo, but we cant have it all, right? We hear big long risers, epic breakdowns and a sense of euphoria that really made the genre.

So why is this? Classic Trance has not been a genre I have heard remixed that much over the years. A few versions of Cafe Del Mar, most notably one from Out of Office in around 2007 (that was a banger!), but not much else. Most remixed records are house classics and not trance, for example Robin S – Show Me Love seems to get 57* new versions a year!

For me it’s something that’s really been missing in some music quarters, big festivals and main stream radio to name a couple. It has continued of course with Armin Van Buuren a State of Trance show and Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy shows and tours leading the way.

Trends have been moving over the last two years back to a big room trancy sound with more synths, long risers and builds. The hit Cola from CamelPhat kick started this and things have really developed there returning major festival dance floors to trance esque rather than tech house.

One concern I think a lot of producers would have had is doing justice to these records when remixing them as they mean so much to so many people. Maybe thats why its taken this long, but, it was worth the wait! Ilan Bluestone, Tinlicker, Shadow Child and Tom Staar have all recently remixed a classic:

I have played all of the above recently and had really good feedback from listeners on our house music radio station. I hope to hear more tracks of this type coming out soon. It’s also made me think about dusting off my own trance vinyl collection and doing a show. Watch this space…

*ok maybe not quite that many


November 12th, 2020

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